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IT is a key enabler to business for any company. IT strategy, in the current and future age needs to integrate completely with innovation and new business strategic directions in company’s thinking, with new innovative technology and tools and with the evolving business models of the company. IT strategy needs to be fully aligned to business strategy and deliver services that help organizations meet their current business strategy and goals, and in addition, enable the company to target future business strategy. The Evolving CIO Role requires the CIO’s to evolve their business understanding to develop their I.T. operations and IT strategy. This is a shift in the planning focus from routine to dynamic for the CIOs,

Challenges Facing CIO

There are many challenges the CIO’s face in delivering IT services to meet the business operational needs and the strategic needs.  Some of these challenges that CIOs face today are:

  • CIO’s position within the company (CIO has to be part of the Strategic management of the company.)

  1. CIO, since he is the factor in implementing the company strategy, and has the best understanding of the possible impact of new technological innovations to the business of the company, should be part of the Senior Management Group which determines the future direction and strategy of the company business.
  2. CIOs need to broaden their roles, which means working with business leaders to not just give them what they ask for but in helping them figure out what is possible with current technology, and match with what they really need to meet the Company’s Strategic Objectives
  3. Positioning I.T. as the Engine of Change for the Company - CIO’s are becoming more leaders in Digital Transformation and Innovation leaders for the company.
  4. Innovation in management is perhaps even more critical to the CIO than technological innovation only, as the benefits of the latter cannot be fully realised without the former.
  • Delivering IT implementation plan to meet business strategy
  1. CIO has to develop full understanding of the Company Strategy and Business, and then should be able to align the IT plan, systems and architecture to the company strategy. The architecture for the IT systems has to be such that new innovations in technology, new ideas for business can be implemented quickly.
  2. The IT strategy of the company has the responsibility of keeping the company fiercely competitive in the industry domain.
  3. Adopting new technologies at the right time and cost, and deliver breakthrough solutions to the business.
  4. CIOs need to harness emerging disruptive technologies for the business while balancing future needs with today’s operational realities.
  5. Designing User Interface taking into account User experience and expectations, using Design Thinking principles.
  • Working within IT budget and Other Performance Measures
  1. CIO needs to work out a budget for the IT strategy implementation, keeping in view all the innovations happening. He has the responsibility to meet the budgets, and deliver the promised goals.
  2. Meeting IT system performance requirements
  3. Choosing the right platform, and technologies, and protecting the Organisation against Technological Obsolescence
  4. Security and other threats
  5. Meeting various Compliance and Govt. Regulations requirements

The job of CIO becomes even more challenging as Governments across the world regulate industries and businesses. 

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